Bricklaying Services in Wallingford
Using Brick in a Hard Landscaping Theme

There is no limit to what our groundwork contractors can do for a customer. A key aspect of our company’s delivery is supporting our more traditional groundwork services in Wallingford with demolition, hard landscaping and bricklaying services. Hardscapes and brickwork often go hand in hand. Here at Collins & Lane, we never forget this important point for a single moment.

We love it when a customer comes to us with creative ideas about a hard landscaping theme because it gives us the opportunity to show off our credentials as groundwork contractors and bricklayers.

While our demolition and groundwork services play an important role in the commercial and industrial sectors, Collins & Lane often finds that bricklaying services appeal more to domestic customers in the Wallingford area when it comes to hardscape design and discovering innovative ways to theme outdoor space.

Here, we look at ways to use brickwork in a garden.

Garden Steps

If you have a sloped garden, walking on it can leave a trail of footprints on the lawn and wear grass down to bare earth. We can bring different levels of elevation together by building garden steps. Groundwork contractors can prepare the land prior to our bricklayers coming in to use bricks as steps. This is a much safer alternative to steep drops and soil slopes.

Bed Edges

Alternatively, you can use our bricklaying services to add brick edges to a hard landscaping theme. We can use reclaimed bricks from a demolition project or traditional engineering bricks to form an edge for bedding areas which will stop mowers from damaging foliage. Customers in Wallingford can use us for groundwork services and edge construction.


Make dull concrete pathways a thing of the past by using our groundwork contractors to uplift them, create a new sub-base and lay bricks instead. This design idea will give your garden attractive pathways which boost curb appeal. Different brick shades and colours work especially well. Brick is an excellent alternative to block paving and has a lower price point.

Insect Hotels

This is an excellent way to add a fascinating feature to your garden space in Wallingford. Again, you can use bricks from a former demolition project to save on costs. Combining bricks with bamboo, layers of timber and chicken wire is a great way to attract beneficial insects that will feast on problematic aphids and go on to pollinate flowers in a garden.


Use our bricklaying services to have a pedestal created, which you can use to house a birdbath or for adding a sundial. With groundwork services available too, we can construct pedestals which are stable enough to integrate into any hard landscaping theme. This is an important factor if a pedestal is likely to attract the attention of children or maybe a family pet.


This is where you can really let your imagination run wild. Our time-served groundwork contractors and bricklayers can create brick planters for any garden in Wallingford and design them around a theme. We have seen some excellent ideas in the past, such as brick planters laid in the shape of pirate ships, pyramids, and even combined planters and seating areas.

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