Demolition in Henley-on-Thames
The Benefits of Combined Demolition and Groundwork Services

If you work in the Henley-on-Thames area as a main contractor, a developer or just a building company that outsources work to specialist trades, the team at Collins & Lane can support construction with demolition and groundwork services. We are time-served groundwork contractors with the ability to take projects forward, from breaking the ground through to the 1st-fix phase.

We also offer our customers, domestic, commercial or industrial, additional hard landscaping and bricklaying services. Contact us to find out more.

Property developers always have a keen eye on plots of land in Henley-on-Thames that can accommodate the construction of new builds. If a piece of land still has older, dilapidated buildings on it, a developer might call us to undertake their demolition. Some will also use us for the following tasks:

  • Scrub Clearance

  • Brush Clearance

  • Waste Clearance

  • Groundworks Services up to the DPC

Naturally, our demolition and groundwork contractors are happy to help.

Here, we look at demolition work and the way it ties in with groundwork, hard landscaping and bricklaying services. At Collins & Lane, we cover each of these skillsets and can take a project forward to the point where carpenters, joiners, electricians, plumbers and heating engineers arrive onsite.

A Clean Slate

Demolition work gives main contractors and developers the opportunity to work with a blank canvas. Having a plot of land cleared of dilapidated buildings, scrub and brush and then excavated and prepared by our groundwork contractors takes you straight to the point where you can lay foundations (although this is something Collins & Lane can do as well).

Consistent Standards

By combining demolitions with groundwork services, a single point of contact can manage the project up to the point where your own company takes it over. This makes it easier for groundwork contractors to maintain high standards and meet legislative requirements. Collins & Lane can even remove generated waste from sites in the Henley-on-Thames area.

Turnaround Times

A company that supports a demolition with groundwork, hard landscaping and bricklaying services can get a project to the 1st-fix stage that much sooner. Instead of having to wait for tradespeople to arrive from several different companies, we assign personnel to the job at the most appropriate stages so that projects run to time and stay within budget.

Enhanced Safety

Our demolition and groundwork contractors make site safety a priority, following method statements which are unique to a project and compiled through our own risk assessments. Because demolition and groundwork services require the use of heavy plant and machinery, we offer our personnel the very best in on-the-job training and offsite development.

Environmental Care

We are passionate about environmental care and the sustainability of projects in Henley-on-Thames. That’s why all waste generated from our demolition, groundwork, hard landscaping and bricklaying services goes to a local waste transfer station for recycling. These materials go back into production, usually to feed the supply chain for secondary aggregates.

Contact Us

Call Collins & Lane Ltd on 01491 574576 or 07545 839955. Our demolition and groundwork contractors cover Henley-on-Thames and the surrounding areas.

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